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About Us

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  3. Background of Director
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Name of company : TKS Winwell Equipment Supply Sdn. Bhd.
Register No : 959372-W
Date of Incorporation : 07/09/2011
Company type : Sendirian Berhad
Principle Activities : Manufacturing of industrial equipment and food machinery
Business address : No 15, Hujung Perusahaan 2, Kawasan Miel Phase V, Prai Industrial Estate, 13600 Prai, Penang, Malaysia.
Telephone : 04-3999788 / 6718
Facsimile : 04-3996788
Website : www.wewinwell.blogspot.com
Email : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Key Person : Mr. Tam Kim Seng & Madam Ong Sew Ten

Background of Company

TKS WINWELL EQUIPMENT SUPPLY SDN. BHD. (formerly as Winwell Equipment Supply since 2008) was set up on dated 07/09/2011. The principle activity of company covers computer-aided designing and manufacturing of industrial equipment and food machinery. This is a very specialized industry as all finished product are made-to-order. Customized to specification and requirement by the customer. TKS WINWELL’s produces a range of automatic and semi automatic machine with choice of powered by gas, diesel or electricity. The producing takes about 2-3 month depending on the complexity and system of the machine.

TKS WINWELL’s marketing strategy is via the appointment of customer or dealer throughout Malaysia. The company does sell directly to end users and government sector. The company is also expanding its present in East Malaysia and planning expanding to Asia country in future.

Background of Director

Mr. SEAN TAM KIM SENG aged 35 is director of TKS WINWELL EQUIPMENT SUPPLY SDN. BHD. Currently he holds 98% share in the company and oversees the daily operation and strategize. Mr. SEAN is a Bachelor Engineering of Technology (USQ Australia) holder. Mr. SEAN being a “Hand-On” person has gained vast experiences in designing and In-depth knowledge on the technical know-how of designing and manufacturing industrial equipment and machining with the best quality and shortest time, day to day practical encounter with various demands from customer has made him just the correct person for the job to hold the helm of the company.

Key to success

• Value added products.
• Source for innovative products.
• Localize and integrate products.
• Design sufficient consumer products.
• Secure distributorship / customer relationship
• Keep track of up to dated food machinery product
• Stay ahead with technology
• User friendly and cost effective measures.

Corporate Culture

Excellence and Quality
• Every task can be continually improved.
• Quality is what the customer states.
• Commitment and performance ensure growth.
• Focus on speed for competitive advantage.
• From “Good Enough” to “The Best”

Relationship with Customer
• More than technology, customers define our accomplishments.
• Embracing different perspectives leads to a wealth of opportunities.
• Mutual trust and respect are shared by all.
• Aggressive goals and meeting commitments drive our success.
• Respect for the individual.
• From “Try Our Best” to “Yes, We Can”.
• Understand customer need.
• Sharing technology.

Relationship with Supplier
• Honestly and integrity are essential for building trust.
• Signify processes and compress cycle’s time.

Company Gallery

In 2014, to improve the working environment and the production line, TKS Winwell expanded the workshop by purchase the next shop lot.

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