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Why Us

Main Activities of TKS WINWELL’s Product

TKS WINWELL Equipment Supply is primarily involved in the manufacturing of computer-aided designing and manufacturing of industrial equipment, food and Pharmaceutical machinery. This is a very specialized industry as all finished product are made-to-order, customized to the specification and requirement of customer. TKS WINWELL’s products are value for money as it is built with high technology and make customer work easy and increase their production output. Customized in different size, capacity of usage, type of usage and affordable for customer.

Key Selling point

A blend of European, Japanese, China and local technology in its machinery that are catered for the needs of the Malaysia market and provide value added to the buyer. Generally some of the other machinery producers will just sell out right (OEM) with modification of deep understanding of Malaysia market. The decision to focus in food and pharmaceutical making machinery will be assured of continues order. In future time will research Western Technology and design a new advanced machine for local market.

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